Kamis, 30 Agustus 2012

how to learn music theory

welcome to my music theory

1. the first question is how to learn music theory ??

  • The first thing to learn in music is to learn about the basic theory of music, which is about staves, notation, picth, intervals, basic chords, and the most important is how to play a musical instrument like a guitar.

2.The second question is why it is very difficult to learn music??

  • the answer is because you do not learn the basic fundamentals of music or the music, before learning more about the music, then we have to learn about music theory, so do not say "learn music very difficult". but if you are patient and diligent in learning, then you will get a great result

  • Music theory is how to learn about the notation, knowing about the pattern, pattern and structure of a notation that is in the music, and learn about rhythm, rhythm, time signatures, key signatures, and chord progression including how to play properly, in accordance with the standards of music itself

3. The third question is why do we have to learn about music theory??

  • the answer is that we know about the music in depth, and in theory we will be more intelligent and have a sensitivity to learning theory. after we learn the theory, we will understand if we practice directly, and the benefits of it all is that we have a sense in learning something related to the musicality and sensitivity to the human environment also have a sensitivity to music
  • The second benefit we have more confidence when dealing with others, including us can become a great musician, being a musician has the benefit of others

there are 4 categories of musicians :

  1. beginner musicians 
  2. intermediate musicians 
  3. advance musicians 
  4. professional musicians
to be a good musician is to be able to learn the theory and practice in depth, so when we became a professional musician, so we're ready in many ways, like a live performance. there are some things we have learned together:

  1. basic guitar lessons 
  2. intermediate lessons 
  3. advance lessons 
  4. professional lessons
and you can become a great guitarist and musician